We served 221 guests in August!


In October 2014, we announced reaching the 6,000 meals served mark at Crescent City Cafe. That made six thousand meals in under 6 years.

Six months later, we reached over 7,000 meals and now we’ve served over 10,000 people! Just a couple of years ago we were averaging 70 Guests per Cafe. Lately we have been averaging 85 plus!

The Mission                                                                                                                                             

At Crescent City Cafe, we are inspired by the love of God to serve the poor and marginalized people of New Orleans with dignity while creating opportunities for young adults to serve our community, build relationships with our patrons and connect with one another.

The Vision

Currently we serve a restaurant-style breakfast twice per month, but want to do more! Our vision is to expand and create  a full-service cafe where we would operate our own restaurant space and serve brunch daily. While the existing meal is free and serves only those who are homeless and marginalized (along with our volunteers), the new Cafe will be a little different.

We plan to open a cafe where any person who enters is able to eat, regardless of his or her ability to pay.  Diners can pay the suggested meal price, pay what they are able, or volunteer in exchange for the meal.

While we are still figuring out the details, this is the general idea. There are several cafes like this around the country and we are excited to be starting the first one in New Orleans. Our Guests and Volunteers both greatly enjoy the time we currently spend eating together. We hope to continue fostering these relationships and believe the new Cafe will help these friendships go deeper.


If you would like to join us financially, we would be forever grateful. Our initial startup cost is $100,000. We are looking for 50 Core Partners to give $2,000 over a two year period. Here is how we break it down:

  1. $2,000 Level – Commit to $2,000 now.
  2. $1,000 Level – Give $1,000 now and $1,000 later.
  3. $100 Level – Give $100 per month for two years.
  4. Friends Level – With this option, you get together with a friend, or two or three, and commit to one of the above options as a team. This allows you to split the commitment up with others but still allows you to join us financially in launching the Cafe.

Click here to become a Cafe 2k Core Partner and help us continue to serve the marginalized of New Orleans with dignity.

Please contact Adelle@crescentcitycafe.com with any questions or to discuss other contribution amounts.