We served 221 guests in August!

Me+3 annual brunch fundraiser!

Brunch with a cause!

Join us on July 22nd for breakfast and make a donation to the Crescent City Cafe! A donation of $20 enables us to serve you a meal and provide 3 meals to future cafe guests who are homeless or food insecure. Come anytime between 9am and 11am. Enjoy delicious food and experience the dignified service we provide to our guests throughout the year.

We’ll have 4 scrumptious menu specials including
~The Marigny: Shredded Brisket over Buscuits with Hollandaise
~The Mid City: Breakfast Tacos
~The Ponchatoula: Strawberry Pancakes
~The Garden District: Quiche

Feel free to make a donation now and reserve your spot! Or if you can’t make it, consider making a “no show donation,” providing 4 meals for the future! Or show up on the 22nd and donate at the door!

GiveNOLA Day!

The Crescent City Cafe is participating in GiveNOLA Day! It’s a 24 hour period (May 2nd, 12:01am -11:59pm) where non-profits in New Orleans garner donations from those in the community and those that support our organizations!

We’d love for you to give today and help us continue to serve the homeless and low-income of New Orleans with dignified, restaurant style breakfasts!

Visit www.GiveNOLA.org/CrescentCityCafe to learn more about GiveNOLA Day and give a donation!PicMonkey Collage 2

Visiting a Pay-What-You-Can Cafe!

The Crescent City Cafe’s focus is not to just feed people, but also create a place that fosters community. We do a great job doing this with both our guests and volunteers during our breakfasts by making a comfortable space where people of all backgrounds and statuses sit around a table and enjoy a meal together. This sense of community is what drives the idea of our expansion of opening a Pay-What-You-Can Cafe.

Last month I visited the F.A.R.M (Feed All Regardless of 20170317_115447Means) Cafe, in Boone, NC. They serve lunch Monday-Friday and at these meals they have tourists, college students, area business folk, board members, people without means, and many others who join them to eat and volunteer. At this restaurant food is the excuse for community. It’s so wonderful that this pay-what-you-can community cafe model can reach out to those who are hungry for food as well as those who enjoy the environment of the cafe and embrace its mission.

I had an “aha moment” where I recognized that their model is what we already do – just in a real restaurant space, open more days, and more inclusive as all are invited to eat and be a part of the cafe. I’m so excited for this realization and for the Crescent City Cafe to expand our community and reach more people!


9,998 guests!

2 more guests until the Crescent City Cafe has served 10,000 meals to the homeless and low-income of New Orleans!

I received an email from a guest today that says he’s going to try his best to be 2nd in line next Saturday so that he can get the 10,000th meal!  The excitement is building!

I’m not usually one for counting numbers as I feel that people are individuals, not just an assigned number.  But I do love celebrating and what better thing to celebrate than the Crescent City Cafe reaching 10,000 meals served.  It began in 2009 by a group of young-adult women who wanted to change the way that meals were served to the homeless.  They created a place where dignity is the focus.  People not only get a delicious meal served to them restaurant style, but they enter into a space where they feel safe and friendships are made.  My favorite part of the cafe is near the end of breakfast when many of our volunteers are sitting and eating and conversing with our guests. For our returning volunteers, they are often finding out how our returning guests are doing.  For our new volunteers, they are often learning that homelessness doesn’t define a person.

20140607_072326As we celebrate the 10,000 meal marker, I’m also getting excited about our efforts to expand and open our own restaurant.  We love creating our “restaurant style” service, but think of how many more we can serve when we’re not just cooking twice a month, but daily.  And as a cafe that will focus on having both paying and non-paying customers, it’ll create a space where dignity is exemplified and where the common denominator of sharing a meal will bring everyone together.

I’d be remiss not to add that with our reaching 10,000 meals, we’re also attempting to raise $10,000 by November 19th by asking individuals to give $10.  $10 equals 2 meals for guests and helps our ability to move forward with our expansion.  Donate here if you’d like to give!

Thank you for your support of the cafe and for helping us reach 10,000 meals!  Whether you’ve volunteered, given financially, or just love what we do, you’re definitely appreciated!  ~Adelle


A cafe guest gave $10!

A Cafe Guest Gave $10!

Our mission is to serve the homeless with dignity, but often they serve that dignity right back to us.

Cafe7:5:14At the end of each cafe we do a wrap-up,  where volunteers sit down and hear how many guests we served, get instructions for cleaning up, and share stories and experiences from the morning’s breakfast service. Often we have a few guests still there, finishing their meal or chatting with the volunteers.  After sharing about our goal to reach $10,000 by our 10,000th meal served on 11/19 by having people give $10, this guest gave us $10 to help us reach that number.  So humbling!  He was very excited to put something toward our goal and to help the Crescent City Cafe continue serving him and others!

Will you match his $10 and help us reach $10,000?  If so, please donate here!


Because of you, $2,000 has been raised!

$8,000 more to go!

Wow!  You’ve given $2,000 in 2 weeks!  Thank you for giving $10 (and a few gave more) to help us reach this point.  The Crescent City Cafe hit 2,000 meals served in March of 2011, just over 2 years of creating a monthly place for dignified breakfast dining for our homeless and low-income guests.

Thanks again for giving and please share with your friends so $10,000 can be reached by the time we celebrate serving our 10,000th meal on November 19th!  Donate $10 here!




2017 volunteer dates open!

Volunteer at the Cafe!

2017 dates are open!

Hello Volunteers!  Our 2017 Cafe dates have been posted and you can now sign up to help in the new year!  Thank you for all your help.  Come by yourself or feel free to bring a group along!  Maybe your co-workers would enjoy giving back, or you have a friend passionate about caring for the homeless, or if you have an acquaintance that loves to cook – all will enjoy volunteering at the Crescent City Cafe in New Orleans!  And if you just want to come by yourself and lend a hand, you are more than welcome! Sign up here!


$10,000 for 10,000!

You helped us go from one meal to 10,000!

In November the Crescent City Cafe will reach 10,000 meals served since 2009!  That means 10,000 homeless and low-income people walked in our doors and sat down to a free, delicious meal cooked and served by our dedicated volunteers!  Thank you for all you’ve done to help us reach this number!

Give $10 and help the cafe reach $10,000!

And now we’d like more help from you.  We want to raise $10,000 by Nov. 19th when we will celebrate our 10,000th meal.  We need 1,000 of our volunteers and supporters to give $10 and we’ll reach the goal in time. Your $10 provides 2 meals for 2 people!  It also allows us to move toward our dream of opening our own daily restaurant in the future where all may eat regardless of their ability to pay.  Click here to give!

Thank you so much for giving to the Crescent City Cafe!  We can’t wait to keep cooking up breakfast for those in need!  1377300_10152599856659298_94839181_n

Exciting Cafe Update

We now have a Director in place to focus on our Cafe 2K campaign and lead the Crescent City Cafe forward!

Let us introduce Adelle Bergman, our Interim Program director since October of 2014 and long-term volunteer of over 5 years.  She recently resigned from her full time job in order to direct the Crescent City Cafe, give Cafe 2K the momentum it needs, and for us to launch as our own nonprofit to open a full-service Cafe restaurant serving both paying and non-paying customers in New 11401104_649459462120_4606328277353556773_nOrleans.

Director Snapshot

  • Adelle Has volunteered regularly at the Cafe since 2011
  • Hospitality is her passion, especially if it involves flipping pancakes
  • Adelle has lived in New Orleans for 9 years after moving here to aid in Hurricane Katrina Relief
  • She has worked in Eldercare Administration for 8 years


Please join us in our Cafe 2K endeavor.  We are looking for 50 Core Partners to give $2,000 over a two year period to reach the initial $100,000 needed and we currently have 16!  We need 34 more Core Partners!  Will you join us? Click here to learn how.

Cafe Connect: Ali Gambino – Part 2

The next post in this series is Part 2  from Ali Gambino, Kitchen Coordinator, Week 3.


Have you been involved in other similar service? How does the Cafe compare to other volunteer service you have been a part of (similar or different)?


Before volunteering with the Cafe, I had worked with several other non-profit organizations. Not all had the same purpose, but if I heard about an opportunity, I jumped on board! My first visit with the Crescent City Cafe was very different from all others.

First of all, it was a well-oiled machine. I thought it was crazy that only a certain number of volunteers were accepted, but then I saw the reason firsthand. Everyone had a job, Ali-Cafeand every volunteer was able to serve. No one was standing on the sidelines without a purpose. Once the day got rolling, I was amazed at how Guests are not only served food but dignity!

We are similar to others in the fact that we serve food and we are able to love on our Guests. In my opinion our biggest difference is the way we serve. A host to guide Guests to a table, white tablecloths, rolled silverware, and CHOICES for breakfast options. It seems like a simple concept, but it can really open your eyes to a new kind of service and volunteering. It certainly did for me!