We served 207 guests in December and 2013 guests in 2017!

The Crescent City Cafe is an independent, grassroots organization based in New Orleans that is led by a team of volunteers and supported by donations. The Cafe is supported by multiple churches in New Orleans, including our host facility, Rayne Memorial United Methodist Church, and ministry partner St. Charles Avenue Presbyterian Church.

The mission of the Crescent City Cafe is to serve breakfast to New Orleans’ homeless and low-income residents with dignity and to connect young adults together in service to our community. We desire to demonstrate the love of God through our actions and our words and to bring awareness to the issue of homelessness. Founded in February 2009,  the Cafe simulates a restaurant, complete with breakfast specials that change each time. The volunteer servers take orders from guests and run them back to the kitchen, where other volunteers are at the helm — cooking up the orders and plating the food. The Cafe is hosted at 3900 St. Charles Ave (Rayne Memorial United Methodist).

The Crescent City Cafe is run by volunteers, who are all young adults living in New Orleans. (We appreciate the support of the entire community. Why do only young adults volunteer?)