We served 221 guests in August!

9,998 guests!

2 more guests until the Crescent City Cafe has served 10,000 meals to the homeless and low-income of New Orleans!

I received an email from a guest today that says he’s going to try his best to be 2nd in line next Saturday so that he can get the 10,000th meal!  The excitement is building!

I’m not usually one for counting numbers as I feel that people are individuals, not just an assigned number.  But I do love celebrating and what better thing to celebrate than the Crescent City Cafe reaching 10,000 meals served.  It began in 2009 by a group of young-adult women who wanted to change the way that meals were served to the homeless.  They created a place where dignity is the focus.  People not only get a delicious meal served to them restaurant style, but they enter into a space where they feel safe and friendships are made.  My favorite part of the cafe is near the end of breakfast when many of our volunteers are sitting and eating and conversing with our guests. For our returning volunteers, they are often finding out how our returning guests are doing.  For our new volunteers, they are often learning that homelessness doesn’t define a person.

20140607_072326As we celebrate the 10,000 meal marker, I’m also getting excited about our efforts to expand and open our own restaurant.  We love creating our “restaurant style” service, but think of how many more we can serve when we’re not just cooking twice a month, but daily.  And as a cafe that will focus on having both paying and non-paying customers, it’ll create a space where dignity is exemplified and where the common denominator of sharing a meal will bring everyone together.

I’d be remiss not to add that with our reaching 10,000 meals, we’re also attempting to raise $10,000 by November 19th by asking individuals to give $10.  $10 equals 2 meals for guests and helps our ability to move forward with our expansion.  Donate here if you’d like to give!

Thank you for your support of the cafe and for helping us reach 10,000 meals!  Whether you’ve volunteered, given financially, or just love what we do, you’re definitely appreciated!  ~Adelle


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