We served 221 guests in August!

Visiting a Pay-What-You-Can Cafe!

The Crescent City Cafe’s focus is not to just feed people, but also create a place that fosters community. We do a great job doing this with both our guests and volunteers during our breakfasts by making a comfortable space where people of all backgrounds and statuses sit around a table and enjoy a meal together. This sense of community is what drives the idea of our expansion of opening a Pay-What-You-Can Cafe.

Last month I visited the F.A.R.M (Feed All Regardless of 20170317_115447Means) Cafe, in Boone, NC. They serve lunch Monday-Friday and at these meals they have tourists, college students, area business folk, board members, people without means, and many others who join them to eat and volunteer. At this restaurant food is the excuse for community. It’s so wonderful that this pay-what-you-can community cafe model can reach out to those who are hungry for food as well as those who enjoy the environment of the cafe and embrace its mission.

I had an “aha moment” where I recognized that their model is what we already do – just in a real restaurant space, open more days, and more inclusive as all are invited to eat and be a part of the cafe. I’m so excited for this realization and for the Crescent City Cafe to expand our community and reach more people!


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