We served 207 guests in December and 2013 guests in 2017!

Cafe Connect: Ali Gambino – Part 2

The next post in this series is Part 2  from Ali Gambino, Kitchen Coordinator, Week 3.


Have you been involved in other similar service? How does the Cafe compare to other volunteer service you have been a part of (similar or different)?


Before volunteering with the Cafe, I had worked with several other non-profit organizations. Not all had the same purpose, but if I heard about an opportunity, I jumped on board! My first visit with the Crescent City Cafe was very different from all others.

First of all, it was a well-oiled machine. I thought it was crazy that only a certain number of volunteers were accepted, but then I saw the reason firsthand. Everyone had a job, Ali-Cafeand every volunteer was able to serve. No one was standing on the sidelines without a purpose. Once the day got rolling, I was amazed at how Guests are not only served food but dignity!

We are similar to others in the fact that we serve food and we are able to love on our Guests. In my opinion our biggest difference is the way we serve. A host to guide Guests to a table, white tablecloths, rolled silverware, and CHOICES for breakfast options. It seems like a simple concept, but it can really open your eyes to a new kind of service and volunteering. It certainly did for me!