We served 207 guests in December and 2013 guests in 2017!

1 + 1 Brunch Provides Breakfast For 1,116 Future Guests!

First off we just want to say thank you to everyone that took part in our 1 + 1 Brunch. Whether you joined us for brunch, donated money or volunteered, you were an integral part of raising $5,580. This is enough for at least 5 1/2 months. We will be able to feed 1,116 future guests. To give you a comparison we raised $2,440 at our 2013 1+1 Brunch. You all came through in a big way this year. For that we are sincerely thankful to everyone that participated in some way, shape or form.


Remember that just because the 1+1 is over doesn’t mean the giving has to stop. You can always provide meals for future guests by clicking the GIVE A MEAL link at the top of the page.

You may also be wondering how you can be more involved with the cafe. If you would like to volunteer with us click the VOLUNTEER link at the top of the page.